Friday, April 8, 2011

SHHHH! It is a secret.

Well I finally broke down and am trying my luck at bead embroidery.  As a child growing up my grandmother taught me what she called fancy-work.   That included crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and making  braided rugs as well as sewing.   I did a lot of sewing growing up and won awards in the 4-H for it.  However, I never really liked how my embroidery came out and got discouraged with it.  As I got older I continued sewing but hated hand sewing, sure glad when I got a sewing machine that hemmed.  I still crochet and I have found that although my crocheting comes out looking alright, it appears my gram's fancy-work was all done from self teaching and therefore some unconventional techniques we used.

Now I find myself trying bead embroidery because I really admire all of those beautiful entries each month for the Etsy Beadweavers monthly challenge.  Too early to tell if I will do more but here is a sneak peak.  Not done yet.


  1. Hi there, Wow, your bead embroidery looks great so far. I admire the Etsy Beadweaver's Bead Embroidery, too. I have dabbled around with it a bit, but can only do very simple pendants so far. Good Luck. Can't wait to see more from you-

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  5. I love your choices of textures! The colors are very neat too. I think You are on your way to become an expert in bead embroidery! It's very easy but time consuming. :)) The aspect I enjoy most is that it's very accessible, hard to mess up, and it's like painting with beads.
    One thing , that I find that is the greatest help with bead embroidery of this sort, is to color the pelon (or anything else you bead embroider upon) the color of the beads You are using, so it looks full even where the beads don't cover the surface. Because my work is never perfect, this really helps. That way, if you have any empty spaces ( and I always do, but you might be more thorough) it doesn't show.
    Beautiful work, I will follow!

  6. Please posts some pictures of the finished piece.I bet it's beautiful. It already looks beautiful unfinished:)) If you have a moment can you please stop by on my blog? I am going to have a monthly challenge starting this month, maybe you would be interested in participating?