Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first Blog and my first double spiral bracelet

I'm not quite sure what to blog about but, I've been reading various kinds of blogs and since not much is happening in my personal life news worthy I will blog about work.  I just fininshed my first double spiral holiday bacelet.  Now that was a feat in itself.  A short time ago (three years) I discovered that I really liked jewelry that was constructed from seed beads so I trecked to the nearest Walmart and purchased a few vial of the tiny beads.  I was very eager to learn so I went on-line and found instructions and started construction of a bracelet using the peyote stitch.  The bracelets came out looking ok but still didn't look like some I'd seen so I stopped creating them until I could find out what was wrong. 

A time later I was selling my wire wrapped stones at a craft show and met a very nice lady that made beautiful seed bead bracelets.   She gave me her trade secret and a few pointers and I felt very blessed to get to know her.  This got me all fired up to start again using different brands of beads.

So here I am today, this is my first double spiral bracelet.  Not a difficult bracelet to make if you don't count the times I stuck myself with the needle.