Thursday, November 17, 2011

Well I out-did myself this time?  That is made myself more work than necessary.   After my last craft show I had three weeks before my next one so I thought I would go through everything and make sure I had them all listed in my on-line stores.   So I took everything out of the trays I use for craft shows and put them neatly in plastic containers my husband brought me from his shop.  They are clear 4x4 plastic container computer parts come in that get discarded at his work.  They are perfect for keeping my jewelry in.  Then I went through and marked them with which shop they were in and the price I was selling them at, with the pictures ID and their size.

Problem, I have a craft show this Saturday, every piece is now in the containers and will need to be put out.  When the last two shows are done I will have to put them back in the containers.  That is where the problem lies.  I will not know which piece goes in which container unless I go through every one and number them somehow.  So now instead of spending my time creating I have to make the time to number every piece. (Around 160 pieces).