Saturday, May 23, 2015

Look back but Move Forward

There are times when you have to look back to move forward!  I have been designing, making and sometimes selling my jewelry for over 10 years now.   My prices have doubled and even tripled in some cases from that first bracelet I sold at below cost just because I was so flattered to make my first sale.   When I look back at photos of pieces I made and sold at such a low ridiculous price I realized that it is Ok to look but you can't dwell on the past. Just use the event as a learning experience.

   The pink bracelet on the right I sold for $15.00  It is made with Sterling Silver Beads!  And Pink grade one Cats eye!  A package of 4 of those bead cost about $6.00.  The blue pendant Larry, my husband cut the stone for me and it is wrapped with gold filled wire.  I believe that also sold around the same with a
gold filled chain.  NO consideration for cost of materials or labor!

Now a days my prices may seem high to some people but at least I am not loosing money.  You have to take into consideration material costs, labor, overhead such as tools, work areas and all the little things that you have to buy.  And whether you sell your items in a craft show, consignment or on-line the costs of selling no matter the venue has to be taken into consideration.  And finally there is shipping and packaging.   Every cent you spend to to sell your handcrafted item whether it is jewelry, woodworking, crocheting or what ever need to be added into the cost.  There are many programs out there to help you.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015