Friday, November 29, 2013

The Journey of What to Make And a New Years Resolution

I often get asked how I know what I'm going to make!   Well, that is tough to describe because sometimes I don't know I what it is until it is finished.

A lot of the time when I shop for my beads and cabochons or even my wire, when I see something that catches my eye a vision comes in my head of what it would look like in a piece of jewelry.  The vision isn't always clear but a vision non the less.   So you see I have quite a stash of visions in my drawer.  The only problem is when I start working on a piece if I've waited too long the vision fades and the piece turns out completely different. But once in a while I get lucky and it all falls into place and I get a winner.

On this piece I got lucky!  The vision actually worked
 and almost done!  I have to add more bling and a focal
dangle that just came in and finish putting on the clasp.

But there are many more visions that are still sitting unfinished because the vision got lost or weakened over time!  So my New Years Resolution is.  When I purchase the bling I am going to actually do a sketch and take notes of what the vision is so I will remember!  I've got a month to go until New Years maybe I will start now if I purchase any beads.