Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tips on Necklace Lengths

This chart is from Nordstrom and shows where different lengths fall on an average person.   This is only a reference the actual size that fits you may be different depending on your build, thin, average or heavy, your height and also the size of you neck.
Necklace Lengths.
Nordstrom Necklace Chart

   I for instance I am about average in size, but I am short and I have a thick neck.   My neck measures 15 3/4 inches.   The necklace I am wearing in the below picture measures 18 inches!

The below picture with the Peach Coral Measures 20 Inches.
I personally feel more comfortable with the 20 inch necklace.  And yes it is because I have a double chin and I am over 50 years old.  LOL.   But that is the greatest thing with jewelry.   It comes in all sizes and it is up to you what feels the best on you.