Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The View From My Front Door

The View From My Front Door.

Yuck! While all of the outdoor enthusiasts are thrilled of this site, including all of the snowmobileers that will soon be zooming down the field, I do not particulary like the site. If it would only disappear as fast as it came it might be all right. But no, it has to stay around for a month or two and make the roads muddy and messy.

I know I should be happy more time to create, but I cannot do any creating in this atmosphere. Why you ask? I like solitude my creative mood is the greatest when I am alone in quiet. Certainly not quiet now, everyone is stuck at home, even the animals have chosen today to be frisky inside where it is dry.

Oh well, and this shall pass too! Someday!
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Monday, February 15, 2010


 Did you know I usually make jewelry that I would wear? I believe this is because somewhere in my mind I think if they don't sell I can wear them>lol    I need to broaden my outlook and design pieces that are a little more out there. 

I get asked how I design the pieces.  Well, usually I see a color pallet on a fabric or even nature, flowers mostly.  I also  see a beads or combination of beads that I absolutely love.  I leave them sitting on my bench until my mind sees the piece then I start making it.  Sometimes they sit for a short time but, sometimes they hang around for quite a while, but eventually they do get made.  And then those that don't get made and I loose the vision get put into a box with other lost visions.   I do have quite a collection of lost visions.  Then one day when I'm looking through my stash of beads I come upon a lost vision that gets reborn and gets made.  The above piece is one of those beads that have been sitting around for a very long time and I finally used them.