Monday, February 15, 2010


 Did you know I usually make jewelry that I would wear? I believe this is because somewhere in my mind I think if they don't sell I can wear them>lol    I need to broaden my outlook and design pieces that are a little more out there. 

I get asked how I design the pieces.  Well, usually I see a color pallet on a fabric or even nature, flowers mostly.  I also  see a beads or combination of beads that I absolutely love.  I leave them sitting on my bench until my mind sees the piece then I start making it.  Sometimes they sit for a short time but, sometimes they hang around for quite a while, but eventually they do get made.  And then those that don't get made and I loose the vision get put into a box with other lost visions.   I do have quite a collection of lost visions.  Then one day when I'm looking through my stash of beads I come upon a lost vision that gets reborn and gets made.  The above piece is one of those beads that have been sitting around for a very long time and I finally used them.  

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