Friday, February 25, 2011

So many things to do so little time

I am not very good about blogging because I usually am a very private person and my thought are all mine. Right now my mind is going in many directions. I find myself in a great dilemma as to the direction I must go with my jewelry business. I really love making jewelry and I know that at least that will be the constant thing in my life would be to continued..

However,due to time constraints not sure how to proceed to grow the business and actually sell my work. I personally think that it is time for me to start entering contests that will help me get published. But I also think that I need to work on my listings on Etsy and Artfire and because sales are very limited and Etsy there are way too many shops all selling the same thing I also have been thinking about opening a Zibbets or Silkfair shop.

What to do!

I actually have an entry for the Fire Mountain contest almost completed and will photograph it as soon as the sun comes out. There are at least 4 more contest ending early in March that I should enter but not sure if I have time. Time will tell.

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