Thursday, February 3, 2011

Powder Blue Polka Dots on White Beadweave Bracelet

I really have a dilemma. I have created this bracelet but I'm in kind of a quandary as to where to list it or if I should list it. It was my intention to enter it into a contest but I really do not want to offend anyone.

I would really like your input into the situation.

The bracelet is done using 8 opaque rainbow white seed beads. On the top using Preciosa Rainbow Powder blue seed beads I have created the words done in braille "be kind to others".


  1. Why are you concerned about offending? Looks like braille to me. Was that your intention? Pretty!

  2. Oh duh. I went back and read the post and yup, it is braille. Sorry about that. I still don't see how it might be offensive tho. Nice message!

  3. I'm confused as to why you wouldn't post this a question about copyright issues, or because it's in braille?

    It's a beautiful bracelet, extremely creative in its design...I've never seen a beaded bracelet with Braille on it...and it has a great message. It would be a great gift for anyone.

  4. I don't understand why anyone would be offended over your bracelet. It's pretty, unique, creative, and ooak. Anyone should be pleased to own it or give it as a gift. What did you decide to do?

  5. I guess offended was the wrong word. Not sure exactly how to say what I did meant to say. Sometimes my creative mind plays tricks on