Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What happens to all of those tiny seed beads that you drop?

I am wondering what does happen to all of those tiny seed beads that fly into the air or drops on the floor.  Because I do not have an adequate work space right now, I am often using a TV tray in the living room.

The story behind that is;  Right at the moment my family and I are staying with my mother and I am giving her care so she doesn't have to go into a nursing home.  I have a wonderful husband that was willing to give up our rather nice life in the Ca desert and move to NH just to care for my mother until she passes.  Enough about that!

Now to get back onto the subject at hand.  I've found beadweaving has helped me to relax so I do it every moment I have free.  But those tiny beads do get away from me.  Many occasions when I thought I had enough to finish an item I was making only to find I need one or two more beads to finish.  That is when I dive onto the floor and crawl around searching the carpet.  My dog and cat think I am nuts, but oh where are those beads that fly off the needle!  After a while I will give up looking and go order more, only to find the missing beads days later, popping up from the carpet, under the cushion of the sofa, or in my pocket.  Yes, I have even found them in my pocket and in my shoe.


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